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Research is more important than ever, and the ethical, legal and compliance challenges is ever more complex. The advent of cloud has accelerated the speed in which research projects can start, but with that comes the risk of poorly engineered environments with inconsistent security controls.


Protecting researchers, and the data created, consumed, and shared within these environments should be an institutes top priority. Having the ability to deploy Trusted Research Environment that meets regulatory and legal requirements will enable institutions to deploy data safe-havens that are secure and compliant.

Research Environments on Demand_

Trei is a Trusted Research Environment (TRE) that provides organisations with a way to rapidly deploy TREs based on secure templates that combine compute, storage, and research software, delivering cutting edge research capabilities within minutes. CloudKubed have partnered with Trei to provide a Trusted Research Environment as a Service, which we call TREaaS.

What is TREaaS?_

CloudKubed provide a fully managed service for Trei, enabling organisations to extract the most value out of the platform. These managed services include:

About Trei_

Shaping Data Sharing

Trei is an organisation founded by leading research experts to solve the challenges faced when it comes to storing data securely and ensuring compliance, whilst providing access to the latest technologies provided through Cloud services and research software.

Trei is a product providing:

Data at your fingertips_

Trei also provides researchers with the ability to connect to a growing list of valuable industry datasets such as, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Economics and others.

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