TRE Approval Tool_

Streamline Complex Research Approvals

The process of obtaining approvals in research can be complex and time-consuming. Researchers often need to navigate various aspects such as ethics, legal requirements, participant consent, project funding, and data access. These different approvals are crucial to ensure that an environment can be created to allow the researcher to begin their project.

Our TRE Approval Tool aims to streamline the coordination of approvals and accelerate workspace provisioning within a research environment. Our tool is designed to simplify and automate the approval process, making it more efficient and less prone to errors or delays.

Our Approach_

Our TRE Approval Tool has been developed in collaboration with research experts to overcome bottlenecks in initiating research projects. We work closely with your business to seamlessly integrate the tool into your workflow, optimising processes and significantly reducing delays that hinder researchers getting started with their research projects.


Obtain ethics approvals, ensuring that research projects adhere to ethical guidelines and principles.


Helps researchers navigate legal considerations and ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


Ensures that researchers obtain informed consent and protect the rights and privacy of study participants.

Project Funding_

Helps researchers track and manage the necessary financial approvals required for their research initiatives.

Workspace Provisioning_

Streamline workspace provisioning with the necessary compute and research software fully integrated.

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