Secure Research Services_

Unlock Limitless Horizons with the Power of Secure Research

our Secure Research Services provide a vital solution for organisations seeking to conduct research with utmost security and efficiency. Our service streamlines research approvals, tackles complex technology challenges, and offers ongoing support, enabling clients to focus on groundbreaking research that shapes the future. With us, your research endeavours are fortified, accelerating discoveries and ensuring a seamless path to success.

Azure TRE_

We utilise the Azure TRE open source project to connect you to secure workspaces, data storage, and software for your researchers. Our design and deployment of Azure TRE considers scalability, performance, and security, providing a solid foundation that enables efficient data management, streamlined workflows, and enhanced collaboration.

Managed Secure Research Services_

Our ResearchOps engineers will lead the deployment of your secure research services. We offer continued support for simplified management of Azure TRE, and the ability to easily adapt and scale the research environment to meet evolving needs.

TRE Approval Tool_

Our TRE Approval Tool streamlines the coordination of the approvals needed to enable the provisioning of research environments and remove delays to initiating research projects.

Why CloudKubed?_

We Understand the Complexities of Research

CloudKubed possesses a deep understanding of the intricate complexities involved in enabling research, allowing us to navigate and address the unique challenges and requirements that arise in research-driven environments.

Experience and Expertise

CloudKubed boasts a team of highly skilled cloud and data experts, experienced in leveraging technology to enable and enhance research activities, empowering organisations to drive innovation.

Tailored Solutions

CloudKubed takes a personalised approach, tailoring our Secure Research Services to meet the specific research requirements of each client we work with, ensuring we deliver tangible outcomes that can be measured and celebrated.

Accelerate time to Science_

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