Managed Secure Research Services_

Enabling Secure and Productive Research

We recognise the unique challenges faced by organisations in the research industry when it comes to managing secure and compliant research environments. That’s why we offer specialised Managed Services for Trusted Research Environments, providing you with a reliable and secure foundation for your research endeavours. Our experienced team of experts will handle the intricate details of managing your research environment, allowing you to focus on driving core research activities.

Key Features of Managed SRS_

Secure and Compliant Research

We understand the criticality of safeguarding sensitive research data. Our Managed Services ensure that your research environment adheres to stringent security and compliance standards, protecting your valuable data and meeting regulatory requirements.

Proactive Research Environment Management

Our dedicated team of research environment specialists will proactively monitor and manage your research infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, data integrity, and availability. We handle routine tasks such as data backups, access controls, and compliance audits, enabling you to concentrate on your research goals.

Data Privacy and Confidentiality

We prioritise the privacy and confidentiality of your research data. Our Managed Services implement robust data protection measures, including encryption, access controls, and secure data transfers, ensuring that your research remains confidential and protected.

Scalability and Performance Optimisation

As your research requirements evolve, we ensure that your research environment scales seamlessly. Our team optimises the performance and scalability of your infrastructure, enabling you to handle large datasets, complex simulations, and computationally intensive research workloads.

Collaborative Research Support

We facilitate collaboration among research teams by implementing tools and technologies that foster communication, data sharing, and collaboration. Our experts ensure that your research environment supports efficient collaboration, enabling researchers to work together effectively regardless of their physical locations.

Support and Incident Management

With CloudKubed Managed Services, you have access to round-the-clock support and incident management. Our team is available to address any issues promptly, minimising disruptions to your research activities and ensuring uninterrupted progress.

Our Approach_

Our approach to delivering Managed Secure Research Services revolves around three key pillars: continual evolution of the Trusted Research Environment (TRE), supporting adoption and unwavering operational support. We understand that research environments need to evolve and adapt to stay ahead of emerging research trends and regulatory changes. With our expertise and commitment to innovation, we ensure that the TRE remains at the forefront of security and compliance standards. In parallel, our dedicated ResearchOps capability works closely with your research groups to ensure the TRE is successfully adopted and constantly improves researcher experience. Additionally, our operational support team works tirelessly to ensure seamless service delivery, minimising any disruptions that could impact research activities.
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Operational Support

Research Workspace Setup and Configuration_

We handle the setup, configuration, and ongoing management of your research workspace, including the provisioning of secure workspaces services, data storage, networking, and collaboration tools.

Security and Compliance Management_

Our experts implement stringent security controls and assist with compliance audits specific to research environments. We ensure that your environment meets regulatory requirements and industry best practices for data protection and confidentiality.

Data Management and Storage_

We provide efficient data management and storage solutions tailored to the unique requirements of research environments. Our services include data backups, data archival, data lifecycle management, and secure data transfer mechanisms.

Performance Optimisation and Scalability_

Our team optimises the performance and scalability of your research infrastructure, ensuring that it can handle the demands of large-scale research projects and high-performance computing workloads.

Research Collaboration Tools_

We help you implement collaborative tools and platforms that enable seamless communication, data sharing, and collaboration among research teams. This includes virtual research workspaces, secure data sharing tools such as airlock, and appropriate research software.

Why CloudKubed?_

Microsoft Partners

Our partnership with Microsoft brings invaluable benefits to customers implementing Azure TRE, including access to the latest technologies, industry-leading security measures, and direct access to the main contributors to the Azure TRE open-source project

Committed to researcher needs

We are deeply committed to understanding researchers’ needs and requirements, ensuring that the Azure TRE solution is tailored to their specific workflows, data management practices, and collaboration requirements, resulting in an effective research environment that is easily adopted

Cloud & ResearchOps excellence

Our highly skilled cloud and ResearchOps capabilities ensure a successful implementation of our Secure Research Services, leveraging their expertise to seamlessly deploy and manage the research environment, optimise resource utilisation, automate processes, and deliver a robust and scalable solution that aligns with the specific needs of the organisation.

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