CloudKubed are experts in designing forward-thinking Enterprise technology solutions to modernise and consolidate your IT estate. We have the Architecture and Design skills that are fundamental to building the right solutions in support of business functions and the applications they support. 

Enterprise technology solutions

Enterprise Architecture & Application Portfolio Management_

CloudKubed understand the importance of clearly mapping IT assets and processes associated to business units as well as defining the set of governing principles that drive technology and business strategy discussions. We are experts at building centralised Enterprise Architecture functions within complex organisations enabling you to identify duplication of technologies, applications and data and look for future opportunities to rationalise, optimise and simplify. 

Solutions Design_

We specialise in selecting, designing and implementing technical solutions against business requirements. We use a product-oriented approach to designing systems, platforms and applications; always keeping in mind that these solutions will have to be maintained and evolved by the business for years to come. 

Technology solutions
Design Enterprise technology solutions

Cloud Architecture & Platforms_

We have been designing scalable, reliable and secure cloud landing zones and platforms that utilise DevOps and GitOps principles for many years. We work with you to build a next generation cloud platform using cloud native tooling to modernise the way you deliver software both on-prem and in the cloud. 

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