Accelerating Time to Science with Trusted Research Environments

Dr. Ben Roberts

Senior Data Consultant
Cloud computing is revolutionising global research and enabling research teams to focus on what they do best. With Trusted Research Environments built on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, research teams can collaborate securely and efficiently with stakeholders, decrease infrastructure costs and become more agile.

From higher education to consumer goods: How the cloud is revolutionising the research space​

During the decade where the world first experienced technicolour, the Beatles, and a moon landing–the seeds of cloud computing had just started to be sown. Much debate continues as to when ‘the cloud’ was officially born but one thing we know for sure, it’s here now.

Today we see cloud computing enabling almost everything we do–from sending WhatsApp messages to the running of serious government services–the cloud is integral to our work and personal lives and has transformed the world in ways we couldn’t have dreamed of even 10 years ago.

However, some areas have still not yet fully tapped into the advantages of cloud computing, and one such area is the global research market. In just 15 years, global research spend has more than doubled, reaching a staggering $2.4 trillion in 2022[1] and it’s showing no sign of slowing.

But how much of that money is spent on actual research? How much of it is eaten away by technical debt, by data administration overheads and by drawn-out approvals processes?

Accelerating Time to Science with Trusted Research Environments

Imagine a world where all the money spent on research was actually spent on research. A world where heads of innovation and research teams were free to collaborate securely with any stakeholders and without the clunky, time-consuming processes. A world where research teams had all their data, tools, and infrastructure in one secure place.

Trusted Research Environments, built on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, are the future of modern research environments. They enable research teams to move away from a reliance on fixed internal infrastructure run by overstretched IT teams. By having all the infrastructure, software, tools, and data in one secure cloud environment, research teams can collaborate with internal and external stakeholders far more quickly, easily, and securely than ever before.

Users of a cloud-based Trusted Research Environment can get new research environments and get results faster all while decreasing their infrastructure costs significantly. Researchers and administrators alike will be far more secure in their research environment and more agile in the way they operate research projects. 

And don’t just take our word for it. It’s why Imperial College London has chosen to adopt a cloud-based trusted research environment and the world’s first managed service built on Microsoft Azure. Do take a look at the full case study and discover more about how you can implement a Trusted Research Environment. 

You can read more on our bespoke approvals tool and CloudKubed’s managed research environments, the first in the world to be built on Microsoft Azure.