Azure TRE_

Accelerate time to Science

Azure TRE revolutionises the research landscape by offering a secure, cloud-based research environment. This innovative solution empowers research institutes to expedite their time to science and unlock new possibilities. By providing a highly secure and reliable infrastructure, we enable researchers to shift their focus from managing complex IT systems to dedicating their full attention to core activities, such as data analysis and experimentation. With Azure TRE, we pave the way for accelerated scientific advancements, fostering a dynamic research ecosystem that propels innovation and drives transformative outcomes.

Key Features of Azure TRE_

Self-Service Administration

You can easily create and manage workspaces, granting authorised users secure access to resources and tools without relying on IT teams.

Researcher-Friendly Environment

Create and manage your own research tooling within the TRE, customising workspaces to meet your specific needs for optimal productivity.

Package and Repository Mirroring

Access and utilise necessary software and libraries within workspaces, fostering collaboration and integration with external resources.

Extensible Architecture

Customise and integrate with various tooling and data platforms, aligning the environment with your organisation’s unique requirements.

Azure Active Directory Integration

Secure authentication and access control through seamless integration with Azure Active Directory.

Airlock Security Measures

Robust protection against unauthorised access and data exfiltration, ensuring data security within the environment.

Azure TRE Workspaces_

Health Services

Bring together invaluable health data sets via managed APIs, based on open standards, to support research and improve healthcare.

Data Science VM

Pre-configured virtual machines to provide an end-to-end data science workflow for researchers.

Azure ML

Build, train, deploy, and manage machine learning models.


Streamline workflow development with simplified software deployment.


Clientless desktop gateway for remote access to research compute.​


Manage workflows and artefacts across the machine learning lifecycle.


Leverage cutting-edge ML technologies for automatic, quantitative analysis of three-dimensional medical images.

Azure Databricks

Fully-managed first party service of the Databricks platform, to govern datasets and unify workloads across your entire data estate.


Our team of specialists help you understand how the TRE can best meet your business and research needs, identify the appropriate workspaces for your Research needs and building a roadmap support the evolution and adoption of secure research services.


We will design the most efficient secure research service, connecting secure workspaces, data storage, and software with your researchers. Our design considers ease of deployment, scalability, performance, and security, providing a solid foundation that enables efficient data management, streamlined workflows, and enhanced collaboration.


Our ResearchOps engineers will deploy your secure research services, building the Azure TRE using Infrastructure as Code and automation, delivering the benefits of increased efficiency, reproducibility, and scalability, allowing for rapid deployment, simplified management, and the ability to easily adapt and scale the research environment to meet evolving needs.


Our TRE Approval Tool will capture the necessary information about the research project, ensuring that all approvals are in place before commissioning a researcher’s workspace. 


Our Secure Research Services Managed Service will manage your environment, ensuring that you remain up-to-date with the latest releases, whilst taking care of onboarding new research projects, enhancing your service, and building customisable workspaces or introducing preferred software for your researchers.

Why CloudKubed?_

Microsoft Partners

Our partnership with Microsoft brings invaluable benefits to customers implementing Azure TRE, including access to cutting-edge technologies, industry-leading security measures, and direct access to the main contributors to the Azure TRE open-source project.

Committed to researcher needs

We are deeply committed to understanding researchers’ needs and requirements, ensuring that the Azure TRE solution is tailored to their specific workflows, data management practices, and collaboration requirements, resulting in an effective research environment that is easily adopted.

Cloud & ResearchOps excellence

Our highly skilled cloud and ResearchOps capabilities ensure a successful implementation of our Secure Research Services, leveraging their expertise to seamlessly deploy and manage the research environment, optimise resource utilisation, automate processes, and deliver a robust and scalable solution that aligns with the specific needs of the organisation.

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