AWS Landing Zone Accelerator_

Secure and Compliant Cloud Foundations on AWS, Accelerated.

Accelerate your cloud journey with CloudKubed and the Landing Zone Accelerator (LZA), a comprehensive service offering, designed to expedite the deployment of secure, resilient, and compliant cloud foundations on the AWS platform. Our solution is tailored to enhance your readiness for complex security and compliance requirements, ensuring the protection of sensitive data.

Key Features of AWS LZA_


Aligns with AWS best practices and global compliance frameworks for effortless adherence to security and compliance standards.

Seamless Integration with
AWS Control Tower

Provides a low-code approach across 35+ AWS services, enabling efficient management and governance of multi-account environments.


Establishes a robust cloud foundation with security, compliance, and operational capabilities for confident cloud infrastructure management.


Our Approach_

CloudKubed leverage the AWS Landing Zone Accelerator to elevate your cloud infrastructure. Experience the power of infrastructure as code and benefit from a secure, compliant, and operationally efficient cloud foundation on AWS. Our expert team guides you through implementation, ensuring a seamless transition to a robust cloud environment.


CloudKubed assists clients by offering comprehensive design services for AWS Landing Zone Accelerator, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation that aligns with their unique business requirements, enabling them to unlock the full benefits of cloud infrastructure.


CloudKubed partners with clients to expertly build their AWS Landing Zone Accelerator, leveraging their deep knowledge and experience to guide the entire implementation process, from initial setup to seamless integration, enabling organizations to rapidly deploy a robust cloud foundation

Why CloudKubed?_

LZA Early Implementors

CloudKubed’s significant involvement in one of the first AWS Landing Zone Accelerator implementations positions us to offer our customers invaluable insights, lessons learned, and optimised strategies for a successful and efficient cloud transformation journey.

CloudKubed’s Digital Acceleration Framework

CloudKubed’s Digital Acceleration Framework has been developed over years of leading large-scale cloud adoption programmes, it provides customers with a clear and structured path to successfully adopting cloud at scale.

AWS Experts

CloudKubed’s extensive AWS experience positions us as a trusted partner for organisations seeking to leverage the full potential of AWS, providing expert guidance, optimised solutions, and a deep understanding of cloud best practices.

Get Started Today_

Transform your AWS cloud foundations with CloudKubed. Contact us today to learn more about how CloudKubed Landing Zone Accelerator can accelerate your cloud compliance journey.