Aligning Application Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture

The challenge for Applications Portfolio Management and Enterprise ArchitectureFor the past two decades large enterprises have invested heavily in architecture skills. These skills are fundamental in being able build the…

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CloudKubed, approved as a G-Cloud supplier

CloudKubed has been accepted onto G-Cloud 12!We’re pleased to announce that CloudKubed has been approved as a supplier through the G-Cloud 12 framework and will be delivering our proven cloud…

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Part 3 – Can the CISO have their cake AND eat it?

Why should the CISO care? And what are the security benefits of Zero Trust? As we’ve already described it’s a more agile/mobile way to secure your infrastructure and takes the…

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Part 2 – Zero Trust. What to do & which way to go?

We need some Zero Trust in our life. What next? Smarter people than me were talking about this way back when I was still nurturing Armadillos.The Jericho Forum was founded…

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Part 1 – Zero Trust and Armadillos. And Dime Bars.

Part 1 – Zero Trust and Armadillos. And Dime Bars. Anybody who knows me will know I like analogies in tech and a very well used one when describing Zero Trust or Perimeterless…

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The Cloud Native Movement

A (not very technical) What, Why & How on Cloud Native I couldn't begin to put a number on the amount of times I've heard an organisation wants to modernise…

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